Mixing in the studio and recording

Review of the Top Studio Headphones for Home Mixing & recording

Headphones recordingWhen you’re choosing a pair of studio headphones for home recording, there’s a lot you’ll need to decide before buying any. You’ll need to know whether it’s something you’re going to use to record with, record other people with that you’re going to be listening to or is it something you’re going to be trying to mix on.

Avoid just following the crowd and getting what you think is the most attractive on the market. Besides good audio quality, another important thing you need to be looking for is its bleed capacity. Bleed in this case is the amount of sound that comes out of the headphones while you’re using them.

Top Studio Headphones for Home Review:


These are closed-back, over the ear headphones. This model is usually very comfortable and does have some noise isolation properties. Their swiveling capabilities make them easy to fold, and their sound quality is exceptionally high because they go for quite an affordable price. If you want headphones that are decently priced and has superior sound quality, then this model is definitely for you. It’s interesting replaceable parts feature helps extend this items lifespan by several years. Most users claim that once bought they should last you for at least six years before you’ll need to think of buying new ones due to deterioration.


Listening to headphonesThis model happens to be a little bit pricey and goes for around two hundred dollars; however, they are fantastic studio headphones for home recording. The quality of the sound when you’re reversing your audio whether you’re doing live recordings, music production or sound engineering is impeccable They are equipped with a broad range of sound frequencies; however, they tend to be relatively flat sounding and might not be ideal in cases where high bass level capabilities are required. They have exquisite detail and also happen to be entirely accurate. The higher the model, the more power is produced.


Sony electronics needs no introduction. It’s a name well recognized all around the globe. Most people claim that this product of Sony electronics happens to be one of, if not the best studio headphones on the market today. These headsets are quite inexpensive with their price ranging from around one hundred dollars and below. Its driver size is relatively average and features at around 40mm. This headset has accurate sound projections, has a comfortable feel to it with rather crisp highs, decent mids, and nice lows. It’s a good quality product with a considerably affordable price tag, perfect for any home recording studio.

MIDI Keyboard Controllers

What you need to know before buying MIDI controllers

As you progress in music production, you will find that gear matters when creating songs. One piece of equipment that should never be overlooked is the MIDI controller. MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Mostly you connect this to your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and use it as an instrument. Sure a computer keyboard and mouse could get the job done, but this piece of gear makes your life much easier.

Why do I need to buy a MIDI controller?

Midi keyboard buying guideA lot of beginners overlook a MIDI controller and don’t buy one, but the truth is, buying one is just a small investment going towards something a lot bigger. You can find decent MIDI controllers for around 100 dollars. If you are on a tight budget, there are still options as you can find some online as cheap as 30 dollars. They’re not the best, but they are still better than your computer keyboard and mouse.

What do I need to know before buying one?

A mistake that tons of people make is that they don’t need one if they can’t play the piano. It is still important to have a keyboard for notes. You don’t need to know what the notes are, or be able to read music. It just sounds better when you play your melodies on a keyboard. It gives you a lot more options later on, as well. What if you decide to buy a controller that has no keyboard on it, because you can’t play now, however later on in your career you learn how to play the piano? You just spent money on a different MIDI controller, and now you have to spend even more on a new one with a keyboard.

Keyboard SynthesizerThis type of MIDI controller is an important aspect of any music producers collection. Another point that you should consider is certain add-ons. For example drum pads. You can program these to play a sample or sound, and use your fingers to play the beat physically. Another is sliders and knobs for mixing. You can also program these to do different things such as fade in, fade out, reverb, delay, echo, etc.. Figure out what you want/need, and use that information when selecting a controller.

So what should I consider buying?

Some recommended brands to check out are M-Audio, Akai, Novation, and Fatar. All of these companies carry a wide variety of quality MIDI controllers, and they aren’t costly. You don’t need to bust out 500 dollars as a novice producer for a piece of equipment that you can get for 100 dollars. As you progress you may want to upgrade, but that’s in the future. As of now, the best options for a beginner are going to be the cheaper ones.

What is the Best Way to Back Up Rour Music Files?

Best Way to back up music files
Digitally speaking, most people think that once stored in a single folder, a particular file is secured forever. They believe that it is enough to protect an individual file from any risk. Worst, they thought that by quickly saving the property somewhere, it is sufficient to leave it there just like that. That’s where they got it wrong.

Storing Music Files in External Drives

People must care about their music data especially if it’s something that they should look after. For example, if it’s something that they’ve been passionate about, they must find a way to keep it safe for so long. Most importantly, they must be aware that they should be more careful when it comes to a single data that is both made out of passion and investment – possibly a musical data.

Storing Data in SSD

SSD DriveSolid State Drive Data or SSD for short is one of the most reliable storage for some people in the music scene. Aside from the fact that it has a wider storage capacity, it is portable. As a musician, this is the kind of room that they need to share their works as much as possible.

However, with the latest demands in technology nowadays, this won’t come easy. SSD is costly. Sure, there are cheap ones in the market, but the reliability is still at stake. It’s always better to lose big on one hard time than being slapped for a thousand times.

Storing music files in a Blu-Ray Disc

Blue Ray Disc may not be the answer for some if they want to stay “techy, ” but this is something that can genuinely save a single data for a longer period. Aside from the fact that it’s cheaper, it won’t simply fail and erase all of the music files.

A single Blue Ray Disc only cost a few cents. It doesn’t have to be personal so buying a particular burner is optional. But of course, as a musician, this is some requirement. Burners is a good investment since it can produce numerous information for thousands of discs. If necessary, some people in a band can come up with their album by burning their copies for everyone. That’s how some bands do it for starters.

The Price Of Something Good

The world is fair. All good things come with a price. It may not be that much with this, but a certain data must be stored properly to a Blu-Ray Disc. The burner must be in a proper location to make everything work. It is still a device that needs proper care and installation. Although it is a low-maintenance material, a suitable room temperature is one of the simplest ways to make it function for a longer period.

People’s way of saving their files is subjective. Their opinions depend on the way they experienced something. The reason why Blu-Ray is more recommended is that it is coefficient. Aside from that, it can be used for some times which can save a lot of money and time.

vintage guitars

5 Famous Vintage Guitars Still Rocking It

Is your quest for the 5 great vintage guitars still earning their keep on the road? Studies have revealed that some unique vintage guitars can be identified by tracing their celebrity and legendary users. These guitars are currently marketed at high prices. If you are looking to catch some fun and enjoy your free time, these guitars can help.

Marty Stuart’s “Clarance” Guitar

Stuart has been known for using an unusual guitar to create a massive series of songs. Marty can combine honky tonk and rockabilly along with roots and traditional country music. Marty’s most visible and valuable guitar song is called Clarence. The guitar Marty used remains one of the most valuable to purchase today.

Bonnie Raitt’s “Brownie” Guitar

The guitar used by Bonnie Raitt should not be ignored when talking about the dexterity and flexibility it offered. The guitar comes with the sixty-five body design. You can scuff the guitar to a produce a unique feel. Brownie is one of the best guitars that you can count on, time and again.

Neil Young’s “Hank” and “Old Black” Guitars

Neil Young’s guitar is the second highest rated option in the market today. The guitar is designed to reflect an old black feature of classic and sophisticated music brand. The Niel Young’s old black and Hank has been modified, painted and comes with plenty dings.

Willie Nelson’s “Trigger” Guitar

One of the best guitars to use in the market today is that Nelson’s trigger device. The guitar came to the spotlight in 1969 and has become popular until now. This guitar helped Willie to get onboard with his young career.

This is one of the best guitars that you can use when feeling depressed. It comes with unique features and helps boost your music sense.

The 5 famous vintage guitars in this content are still earning their credibility and reputation until today. You can buy any of these guitars today and catch some fun.