Mixing in the studio and recording

Review of the Top Studio Headphones for Home Mixing & recording

Headphones recordingWhen you’re choosing a pair of studio headphones for home recording, there’s a lot you’ll need to decide before buying any. You’ll need to know whether it’s something you’re going to use to record with, record other people with that you’re going to be listening to or is it something you’re going to be trying to mix on.

Avoid just following the crowd and getting what you think is the most attractive on the market. Besides good audio quality, another important thing you need to be looking for is its bleed capacity. Bleed in this case is the amount of sound that comes out of the headphones while you’re using them.

Top Studio Headphones for Home Review:


These are closed-back, over the ear headphones. This model is usually very comfortable and does have some noise isolation properties. Their swiveling capabilities make them easy to fold, and their sound quality is exceptionally high because they go for quite an affordable price. If you want headphones that are decently priced and has superior sound quality, then this model is definitely for you. It’s interesting replaceable parts feature helps extend this items lifespan by several years. Most users claim that once bought they should last you for at least six years before you’ll need to think of buying new ones due to deterioration.


Listening to headphonesThis model happens to be a little bit pricey and goes for around two hundred dollars; however, they are fantastic studio headphones for home recording. The quality of the sound when you’re reversing your audio whether you’re doing live recordings, music production or sound engineering is impeccable They are equipped with a broad range of sound frequencies; however, they tend to be relatively flat sounding and might not be ideal in cases where high bass level capabilities are required. They have exquisite detail and also happen to be entirely accurate. The higher the model, the more power is produced.


Sony electronics needs no introduction. It’s a name well recognized all around the globe. Most people claim that this product of Sony electronics happens to be one of, if not the best studio headphones on the market today. These headsets are quite inexpensive with their price ranging from around one hundred dollars and below. Its driver size is relatively average and features at around 40mm. This headset has accurate sound projections, has a comfortable feel to it with rather crisp highs, decent mids, and nice lows. It’s a good quality product with a considerably affordable price tag, perfect for any home recording studio.